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New features released on shipedge version 10.8.1.
Written by Amanda
June 3, 2022
3 min read


New features released on shipedge version 10.8.1.
Written by Amanda
June 3, 2022
3 min read

What’s new in 10.8.1?

At Shipedge, we pride ourselves on updating our software frequently in ways that benefit our clients businesses. We are proud to announce new features and integrations with our most recent release.

New Features

Check out the list of the main new features below.

Merging Orders

There are many reasons to merge orders into one shipment; the primary reason being that most companies merge orders which are going to the same customer at the same address to save on shipping costs and improve the customer (unboxing) experience. 

You can find this feature in the WMS processing view once you’ve been updated to version 10.8.1 of our software. 

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Location Zones

Warehouse management efficiency is a key part of our software platform and we’re always looking for ways to improve to save our clients time and money. One way to drive picking efficiency in certain scenarios is to utilize zone picking. 

This feature also helps future-proof your fulfillment or distribution center as warehousing robotics and machinery start to work hand-in-hand with your human warehouse team augmenting their productivity. 

You will be able to recognize if one zone belongs to a specific team, person, or even an automated robotic picking system. 

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Improved Interface to Create Packages

The industry standard for box dimensions is based on internal measurements, which is why we’ve improved our interface to include a slider to change the inner size of your boxes or packages. 

To ensure your packaging fits perfectly, you’ll need to know the internal dimensions of your box. These dimensions are more accurate for both the manufacturer and your product!

The packaging view now has a slider to calculate the inner dimensions of the box based on a margin percentage value. Once you select the percent on the slider, the Inner Length, Width, and Height will be automatically adjusted. 

New OMS Orders View

In today’s digital commerce world, consumers expect to get the products they order quickly. We’ve significantly increased the speed of the orders view in our Order Management System (OMS). 

This will allow your team members to search, manage, or take action against orders much faster to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. 


Amazon and Walmart are some of the biggest and most important selling channels for many businesses, which is why we want to make business easier and more profitable for you with these new features. We’ve also added more integrations to greatly benefit the Middle East. 

Walmart WFS

When selling on it’s important to capture the buy box as often as possible to drive sales and revenue from this channel. With Walmart Fulfillment Services, you not only get an advantage for capturing the buy box, but you also benefit from 2-day shipping and low-cost fulfillment through Walmart’s world-class fulfillment network. 

We have added an end-to-end workflow to help you send products to WFS facilities using our software platform to make keeping stock in WFS a breeze. 

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If you are thinking about joining Walmart’s WFS program, they are currently offering free storage and 10% off fulfillment fees during your first 90 days as a new user. Sign up before June 31st, 2022 to take advantage of this deal.

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Amazon Migration to SP

Many of our clients connect to Amazon through our pre-built integrations to sync orders, inventory availability, and fulfillment information related to orders. Traditionally, this has been done using Amazon’s MWS (Merchant Web Services) API. 

We have been working closely with the Amazon team to tap into their brand new SP (Selling Partner) API over the past few months, and many of our clients have already completed the one-click migration process and are using this new API to integrate their Amazon accounts today. 

The new Amazon SP API was designed to modernize its integrations infrastructure and address broader security concerns. With this, we have also added some new functionality over the past few months utilizing the SP API like Amazon by shipping and full workflow for sending stock to FBA. 

Amazon has now set a deadline of June 30th, 2022 for all users integrating Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central accounts to migrate using the SP API instead of the legacy MWS service. Please re-setup the integration, using this video for reference. Once re-authorized, get-orders will automatically start flowing through the new Amazon SP. 

Shopify “Archive Orders”

We’ve added a new function to our Shopify Integration called, “Archive Orders.”

This function will update the status of the order on Shopify to “Archived” and move it to the tab “closed,” this will prevent the order from being edited once it’s already in Shipedge. 

shopify archive orders

 The orders will remain “Unfulfilled” until they are actually shipped, updating the status to “Fulfilled.” 


QuickBooks is an easy-to-use accounting software that offers business owners all the features they need to manage their books. You can use QuickBooks as a simple way to manage your business’s finances.

With the Shipedge integration users are able to:

  •  Create QuickBooks Invoices
  •  Create customers (contacts)
  • Create products within QuickBooks

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Salla Shopping Cart – Middle East

Shipedge now supports Salla, an e-commerce platform designed to help merchants create and manage their online stores with no technical hassle. Salla offers marketing tools, detailed reports to measure store performance, and automatic invoices for orders, which enables e-commerce merchants to set up, maintain, and increase sales through their stores. 

As of Shipedge 10.8.1, we support Salla as an integration. With this integration you will be able to get orders, update tracking, and sync inventory from Shipedge to Salla.

SMSA Express – Middle East

SMSA Express is the leading express transportation and logistics service provider in Saudi Arabia, providing both domestic and international logistics services. Their services and solutions include: dangerous goods, express, freight, logistics, eCommerce, and packaging solutions.

From your Shipedge account, you have the ability to Create Shipments with Shipper Details and pull a SMSA AWB Number (Air WayBill) for single and multi-box shipments. You can also generate and print a SMSA label right from Shipedge. 

EasyPost Insurance

Are you shipping valuable packages that you’d prefer to have insured against loss, damage, or theft? 

In Shipedge 10.8.1 you can easily add EasyPost Insurance to any shipment. Package insurance can be purchased for any shipment that exceeds the desired USD amount configured in the integration. 

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Omnichannel Platform Designed to Automate and Simplify

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