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Simplify fulfillment operations with our cartonization features.

Cartonization is the process of understanding the dimensions of the different types and sizes of packaging you use to suggest the optimal selection.

Not only does this increase fulfillment efficiency, it also lowers the overall cost of fulfillment in both shipping cost and packaging cost.


Automated Cartonization Engine

Main Feature Benefits

Increase Fulfillment Efficiency – Packaging suggestions through cartonization are proven to make the fulfillment process faster by reducing errors and the overall time it takes to fulfill an order.

Lower Fulfillment Cost – Track available packaging, including cost to understand your fulfillment overhead. Avoid shipping air (dead space) and incurring large package fees by optimizing the packaging you are using. 

Sample Industry Use Cases


Third Party Logistics


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Faster Fulfillment Times

By reducing or removing the need for fulfillment team members to decide and manually select (or worse key in dimensions) for every shipment, you dramatically increase the overall speed of order fulfillment. Leverage cartonization to speed up your process.

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Decrease Shipping Spend

By suggesting the optimal packaging for each shipment we are able to help reduce package selection errors (picking a carton that is too big for the order) and general shipping cost. This lets your fulfillment team focus of getting orders out the door.

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Multibox Shipment Support

Sometimes you may have multiple packages for a larger than average order. We can make suggestions based on what ends up in each picking tote as well. Then we can help generate multibox shipping labels under a master tracking for the entire order.

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Common Questions

Cartonization is an important part of daily fulfillment operations so we have tried to make it as easy as possible in our warehouse management system (WMS). Here are some common questions that our users have had when getting started.

What is Cartonization in WMS?

Cartonization is the process of using the dimensions of products in a given shipment (part of or related to an order) to predict the optimal packaging to use based on what is available.

Advanced WMS or fulfillment software like Shipedge can easily do this across shipments, millions of times a day if needed.

What is cartonization planning?

Cartonization is the selection process of optimized packaging for products in a given shipment. Cartonization planning can be done using the data that a cartonization engine stores.

This may help with deciding what packaging to keep in stock based on the overall or average cost of packaging. Taking things a step further you may use something like Shipedge fulfillment software to determine which packaging leads to the cheapest shipping costs over time.

What are the benefits of cartonization?

Some key benefits of cartonization are;

  • Lower overall shipping cost due to avoiding oversize packages.
  • Understanding package usage cost and data to make the best package purchasing decisions.
  • Lowering shipping cost using data related to which packages lead to the overall cheapest shipping over time.
  • Decreasing packaging spend by avoiding dead space in a package.

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