Kitting & Light Manufacturing

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Simplify warehousing operations with our kit and light manufacture features.

Kit creation and light manufacturing features in our warehouse management system help you simplify fulfillment of bundles or products stored in components.

We also help you through *synsets (kit translators) to sell bundles without having to constantly create new SKUs.

Kitting & Light Manufacturing

Kitting & Light Manufacturing

Main Feature Benefits

Reduce Complexity – Synsets (kit translators) can help reduce kit complexity by eliminating the need to create dedicated SKUs for kitted products.

Workflow Flexibility – You have the ability to either kit on the fly or kit to shelf based on current or future *demand forecasting.

Sample Industry Use Cases

eCommerce – Subscriptions

eCommerce – Kit or Bundles

eCommerce – Flash Sales

*FBA Inbound Prep

Components of Kitting & Assembly

These workflows are an important part of daily operation so we have tried to make it as easy as possible in our warehouse management system (WMS). Here are some common questions that our users have had when getting started.

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Streamline Kitting & Workflows

Our kit creation workflow automatically shows you how many current orders are waiting for kit production. We let you pace work to both meet current demand and create kit jobs to anticipate future *demand. We also handle the picking and inventory used.

Reduce SKU Catalog Creep

Traditionally in many systems you would need to create new SKUs for kits. These are not tied to the kit creation processes by design. This method of kit management is less efficient and creates a bloated SKU catalog. We’ve solved this in our advanced WMS.

Increase Orders & Revenue

Use *Synsets (kit translators) to free up your marketing department to embrace bundle or kit selling which can increase the average dollar size of an order. Managing kits of related products also lets you better meet the buying needs of your potential customers.

Bill of Materials System (BOM)

Easily create reusable BOMs in our bill of materials system to ensure kitting and assembly accuracy.

Using a bill of materials system allows you to streamline finished product production and provide clear instructions to your assembly lines or fulfillment teams.

Component Inventory Track

Our bill of materials system automatically calculates how many kits you can make and how much you've used.

Once you have set up your bill of materials finished products or kits, we can manage kitting inventory during the process and even calculate the number of kits you can produce in real-time.

Work Order Management

Create work orders and assign them to teams to retrieve components and kit them based on a bill of materials.

Managing kitting and assembly using BOM master data allows you to digitize your process from pulling components to finished products put away and more.


kitting on the Fly or Kit to Shelf

Create kits on the fly based on demand or create kits for expected future demand all based on your bill of materials.

We can manage multiple kitting and assembly workflows to either help you quickly produce kits for fulfillment orders or build kits to store for future demand.

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Common Questions

These workflows are an important part of daily operation so we have tried to make it as easy as possible in our warehouse management system (WMS). Here are some common questions that our users have had when getting started.

What is product kitting?

Product kitting is the creation of a new product using other products you already have as components with some type of process or workflow.

You can streamline this process and make it much more efficient using advanced WMS software like Shipedge or use a third-party logistics company that already utilizes our WMS.

What is kitting in a warehouse?

The physical warehouse process of creating kits entails picking component products and removing them from inventory as you rework them into the new products.

This can be as simple as bagging and tagging products to send to a specific channel like Amazon or as complex as taking individual electronics components with serial numbers and producing a finished product like a computer with a master serial number.

Does FBA do kitting?

FBA does not typically do product kitting.

Utilizing an advanced WMS system like Shipedge would let you manage your own kitting before you start the FBA inbound process in our system. This will also let you trickle kitted inventory into FBA based on demand planning and reduce your overall FBA storage and retrieval fees.

The other option is to work with a 3rd party logistics company that already uses Shipedge and has access to the kitting workflows in our software (as well as an FBA inbound process where you don’t need to share your Amazon Seller Central login).

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