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Inventory, Order Management, Purchasing, Fulfillment, Shipping, Warehouse, and more…

We’re working with brands, 3PLs, and logistics networks worldwide to provide a centralized order management and logistics platform to conquer inefficiency, prevent errors, automate repetitive tasks and simplify daily operations.

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our award winning solutions are designed to solve diverse challenges in ecommerce, retail distribution, logistics & transportation.


Manage everything from one centralized platform to simply operations.

We have a complete suite of products to help you manage operational workflows including:

OMS – Powerful multi-channel order management system with product information management, inventory availability integrations, and order fulfillment automation.

WMS – Comprehensive inventory management and order fulfillment operations tools packaged into an easy-to-use warehouse management system.

Shipping Tools – Embedded shipping engine to empower shipping teams to use the correct packaging, generate cost-effective/fast shipping labels, and print them in bulk.

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Designed to meet diverse needs across industries.

Our platform was built to be modular, scalable, and flexible to tackle operational challenges in an ever growing number of industries.

Although our primary focus has been working with eCommerce companies, Third Party Logistics (3PLs), and brands of all sizes, our clients are finding new use cases for the Shipedge platform all the time.

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Software



Integrate Everything ; eCommerce, fulfillment, shipping, and more..

We’ve done all the tedious technical work and have amassed a large plug and play integration library so you can focus on growth.

75+ Channel Integrations – ecommerce marketplaces, shopping carts, selling tools, and even EDI.

50+ Shipping Carriers – USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.

Open API – so you can connect to us as well.

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Grow your operational capabilities, not the complexity of your tech stack.

Order Management

Order Management

Omnichannel order management, plug and play store integration. Purchasing, product information management, reporting, and routing.

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Warehouse Management

Site-specific inventory, workflow, and complete management of all the things that may happen in your warehouse or fulfillment center.

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Fulfillment Routing

Simple order fulfillment routing based on location and inventory availability to more fluid  / complex routing based on rules and exceptions.

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Shipping & Rate Shopping

We connect to major Shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 30 others. We also enable you to rate shop between carriers in real-time.

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Channel Automation

Plug and play integrations with marketplaces, shopping carts, selling tools, and even EDI. Shipedge can pull orders, update tracking, and sync inventory levels.

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Kitting & Manufacturing

Bundles of products can be kitted either on the fly or created in anticipation of fulfillment volume. We also manage light manufacturing workflows and automation.

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Reverse Logistics / Returns

A strong returns management toolset lets you turn negative customer experiences into positive ones, all while protecting your investment and preventing fraud.

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Self-Service Rules Engine

Our open API lets you connect our platform to other tools, software, and data stores. We also have a rules engine that allows you to customize to meet your unique workflows.

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Business Intelligence

We have many reports to help you understand your eCommerce, fulfillment, or logistics KPIs. We also can create custom reporting or dashboards to help you gauge performance.

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Shipping Carton Prediction

Taking dimensions and weights from product information stored in our system, we can do cartonization or predict what box, poly-mailer, or pallet to use.

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3PL Automated Billing

Empower your clients to set up payments, billing procedures, and more.

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Mobile Application

Mobile-based applications for inventory and fulfillment workflow management. Remote site and workforce management made easy.

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About Shipedge

A decade in ecommerce and retail logistics software, working with everyone from startups to Fortune 500.

We use our expertise and the experiences of our userbase to build an order management and logistics software toolset with industry best practices built in. This gives you a powerful platform to grow your organization and improve operational efficiency.

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Leverage our suite of products to manage the entire order management lifecycle, supply chain, and logistics in one centralized platform.

Plug & play Integrations

Integrate shopping carts, marketplaces, warehouses, fulfillment networks, shipping carriers, ERPs, financial tools, and more.

Reduce Fulfillment costs

We’ve pre-negotiated rates with parcel carriers to provide up to a 74% discount on shipping.

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

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