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Shipedge Platform

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Order management system, warehouse management system, shipping system all on one easy to use platform that scales with you as your organization grows in size and sophistication.

eCommerce Channel Integration

Guided Onboarding

Training and onboarding combines a series of video courses, in-app training, robust knowledgebase, and of course live trainings with an experienced implementations manager.

Shipedge Implementations

Fast Implementation

Typical training time and go-live can be accomplished in as little as 2 – 6 weeks. Although we’ve had clients that go live in as little as a week or less with enhanced effort from our team and yours.

Simplifying digital commerce with powerful solutions

Shipedge is a family of products the helps automate, streamline, and simplify your order management and fulfillment processes.

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Omnichannel Order Management System

Reduce the complexity and overhead of managing commerce at the channel level and centralize operations. Shipedge helps you simplify your commerce process through automation, data connectivity, intelligent workflows, and so much more.

Integrate all your selling channels.

The more well deployed shopping carts, marketplaces, and cross-selling tools your products are listed on, the more revenue you are able to capture. Shipedge has plug and play integrations with one of the largest libraries of selling channel integrations.

We also have an *open API to help you integrate other selling tools not listed in our plug and play integrations list, as well as webhooks to enable you to send data in real-time to other software tools in your operations stack.

Manage your fulfillment network.

Whether you fulfill your orders out of one warehouse or a several warehouses across a network, Shipedge is built so you can scale up to a multi-warehouse.

Routing orders based on proximity to the customer, inventory availability, shipping cost, and more is a must in modern order fulfillment strategy.

We can organize your warehouses, 3rd party logistics facilities, other blended fulfillment network partners (*see Amazon MCF), and even dropshippers into the fulfillment network you need.

Centralize management across commerce operations.

One of the most common problems in eCommerce is multi-channel management. Having to control settings, rules, add-ons, and plug-ins at the channel level can introduce inefficiency into your commerce operations.

Shipedge helps to centralize orders, inventory management, purchasing, fulfillment network management, data, metrics, and more across channels so you can manage this process from a central order management system.

eCommerce Customer Experience
eCommerce Inventory Availability

Flexible Warehouse Management System

We extend a powerful warehouse management system (WMS) to each of your fulfillment or distribution centers. This allows you to create efficient and standardized processes at the warehouse level. Shipedge helps you automate repetitive tasks and drive efficiency.

Receive product and store it efficiently.

Digital receiving records, also known as ASNs, reduce the potential for inefficiency and mistakes during the receiving process. Purchase orders can be split into individual replenishment records (ASNs) and sent to the correct facility that is receiving part of the purchase order.

We also allow you to attach helpful information like barcodes, expected arrival dates, BOL or tracking numbers, supplier information, and pictures of products. This additional information helps improve workflow performance when using Shipedge’s advanced WMS for receiving operations.

Manage fulfillment and distribution workflows.

We’ve been helping improve fulfillment and distribution workflows for over a decade. Helping to streamline work around fulfillment centers and distribution hubs is a core part of our mission.

Best practices that we’ve captured over the years and from research on cutting edge ways to improve efficiency in the warehouse are built into the software itself. While the software is very flexible, having these best practices, in system, greatly increases your time to value or ROI.

We also support many specialty workflows like; kitting, serial number tracking, expiration date management, etc..

Automate repetitive tasks and use software smarts.

There are many data capture, workflow element, and other repetitive tasks we can automate and make more efficient. Reducing the overall amount of repetitive tasks allows you team to focus on completing tasks faster.

We also make sure to try and only capture data at the right points or attach information automatically. For example a lot, serial, or expiration date captured on receiving gets checked or automatically attached to outbound orders based on where the products are picked from in the warehouse. Boxes or shipping material is automatically suggested and shipping methods can be automatically selected based on your shipping rules.

Integrated Transportation Management

Keeping up with all aspects of transporting a package from the warehouse to the consumer can be a hassle. We’ve created a software solution to manage various local and global shipping carriers, packaging & cartonization, and rate shopping, so you can save time and money for the things that matter most to you and your business.

Integrate with carriers across the globe.

Shipedge integrates with 40+ carriers and their respective service levels both domestic and international. You can utilize these integrations to diversify your shipping strategy to lower cost and ensure that the right carrier is used for specific shipping situations.

Leveraging our diverse shipping integrations you can use a strategy that incorporates parcel carriers, last mile delivery partners, and even channel specific shipping networks like Amazon Logistics.

Automate rate shopping to reduce shipping spend.

In our integrated transportation management system you are able to set up specialized rate shopping codes that tie t specific shipping rules. This simplifies the process of choosing the most cost effective carrier based on other factors like max transit time, service coverage, and specialty rates.

These rate shopping codes can be mapped (self-service) to shipping methods or codes that come from the channel. You can even choose to bill things to third party accounts, if provided by the channel. 

Pick the optimal packaging with cartonization.

Loading your available packaging types and options helps your cartonization engine make recommendations for what packaging to use based on the dimensions of products in a given order.

This save your fulfillment team valuable time and allows you to use high efficiency workflows to speed up the time it takes to ship an order and increase common metrics like picks per hour, orders processed per shift, etc.

Order Management Process


What People Are Saying About

Shipedge order management automation software platform

Shipedge helped us with our digital transformation initiatives in eCommerce and has integrated channels, data sources, and third party software across our international footprint.

Program Manager

Global CPG

We manage multiple facilities using the Shipedge WMS and it has helped us grow our national footprint by creating repeatable processes. It’s been a key relationship for us.

Head of Logistics

Apparel Company

Implementing Shipedge only took several weeks using their training materials and videos to onboard. Any gaps were covered by working with our dedicated implementations manager.

eCommerce Manager

Commercial Electonics

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