Expiration Date Management

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Simplify warehousing operations with our expiration date management features.

Expiration date management of inventory ensures that the right products are sent out of the warehouse and that  there is no waste due to what order your inventory is used.

Our warehouse management system automates the management of products with expiration dates.

Expiration Date Management

Expiration Date Management

Main Feature Benefits

Ensure Quality – Automated product expiration date management keeps expired products from being used for order picking ensuring that fresh / quality products are sent out to your customers.

Prevent Product Waste – Inventory is allocated using a first expire first out (FEFO) methodology so your oldest products are used first reducing the possibility of waste.

Sample Industry Use Cases

Consumer Product Goods

Medical Supplies

Building Materials


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FEFO : You're in Control

You decide which products to set to a first to expire first out (FEFO) inventory allocation methodology overriding the main warehouse configuration. This keeps these products from hindering your operational workflow for non-expiration date tracked products.

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Prevent Customer Issues

Our automated expiration date management rules keep expired product from being used and customers from receiving bad product. We also track expiration dates of the products that are picked into order so the data is available for customer service.

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Ensure Inventory Quality

Products that have reached their expiration date or quality buffer are automatically blocked in your WMS. This inventory can be placed into a holding area where you decide whether to destroy, donate, or use the products for some other purpose.

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Common Questions

Expiration date management is an important part of daily operation so we have tried to make it as easy as possible in our warehouse management system (WMS). Here are some common questions that our users have had when getting started.

How do you manage inventory expiration dates?

Perishable products need to be used before their manufacturer expiration date. You can use a warehouse management system (like Shipedge) that tracks these dates and uses the data to influence daily operations.

Inventory Allocation – allocating inventory using a first-expire first-out (FEFO) methodology will ensure that products are not picked at random, which leads to eventual product waste (due to expiration).

Expired Stock Retrieval – stock that is no longer of good quality should be automatically blocked and unavailable for use.

Expiration Date Outbound Tracking – in the case of a customer service incident related to product expiration/quality, order data should be used to determine if the products that we’re sent to the customer are within quality thresholds.

Why is it important to track expiration dates?

If expiration dates are not tracked in the event of a customer service issue related to product quality, your team should be able to provide additional information related to when the order was shipped and when the products in the order will expire. Advanced warehouse management systems (like Shipedge) are able to track and provide this data.

Is it hard to manage product by expiration dates?

Expiration date management is fairly simple given you are using the correct tools. An advanced warehouse management system (like Shipedge) will take your expiration date data and automatically influence your fulfillment and warehousing workflows to consider product quality.

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