Shipedge is a modular and scalable logistics solution. Because we custom tailor our solution to your needs, we offer custom pricing as well.

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Our Features

All Plans Include

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Unlimited Users

Create log-ins for your entire team without sweating the cost

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Unlimited SKUs

Work with a ton of different SKUs? We can handle that!

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Unlimited Listings

Don’t worry about listing limitations, we can take them all

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Unlimited Support

Our in-house support team is at your fingertips

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Unlimited Orders

We empower you to grow your order volume, not hold you back

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Unlimited Channels

All of your sales channels in one place, for one price

Shipedge Pricing Philosophy


Shipedge is a modular and scalable logistics solution. Because we custom tailor our solution to your needs, we offer custom pricing as well. We want to be your technology partner. This means that when you struggle, we struggle. When you succeed, we succeed. Our entire pricing philosophy is based on customer growth and the following principles:

Built to Last


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Why juggle systems when you can get everything in one place? While most vendors offer an OMS, ERP, Shipping Solution, or WMS, Shipedge offers all of these as one convergent solution.

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Admin Control


Stop paying for features that you don’t use. We created a customizable solution that allows you the freedom to pick and choose what you need. 

Tailorable to fit your organization's unique workflow

Dynamic and convenient modules to make doing business even easier

Intuitive tools to automate order fulfillment processes

Scalable to fit your company and its potential growth

Built to Last


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We don’t take a percentage of your revenues or anything like that.  When it comes to variable costs, we focus on your order volume to determine the right server size for you.  Regardless of your order volume, you always get unlimited users, SKUs, and server space so you can scale confidently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Contracts?

Shipedge is a Software as a Service company with a monthly subscription model. There is no long-term agreement and it’s very easy to add or remove features.

How Do Implementations Work?

As with everything in Shipedge, Implementations are customer focused. All new users receive hands-on support with the option for onsite training. You can learn more about Implementations here.

Why Doesn’t Shipedge Charge by User?

Our primary goal is customer growth. By focusing on order volume we keep a long-term vested interest in your organization. This means better support and constant feature enrichment.

Is the System Cloud-Based?

Yes, Shipedge lives in the cloud. Shipedge is constantly improving and cloud updates allow all users to take advantage of new features and integrations immediately.

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