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Simplify warehousing operations with our best rate shipping features.

Best rate shipping through automated shipping rate shopping lowers your logistics spend and increases your margins per order.

We integrate with 40+ shipping carriers to enable you to take advantage of the best carrier in every fulfillment situation. 

Best Rate Shipping

Best Rate Shipping

Main Feature Benefits

Lower Shipping Costs – Automated best rate shipping allows your to set up combinations of carrier service levels under one or many BRPs (best rate possible rule) to ensure you ship on the lowest possible rate.

Meet Delivery Expectations – Rate shopping rules also have the ability or restrict methods by regional availability and max transit time to your customer.

Sample Industry Use Cases


Third Party Logistics


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Decrease Shipping Spend

Using best rate shipping or BRP rules allows you ship orders with the confidence that you are getting the cheapest shipping rate possible. You can further automate the process using our *cartonization features which will recommend optimal packaging.

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Diversify Carrier Strategy

We integrate with 40+ shipping carriers which allows you to diversify your shipping strategy by using the best carrier and service level for each order. We rate shop across carriers in real time and even account for estimated accessorials and other fees.

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Improve Order Fulfillment

Ensuring cost effective shipping is a key component of best rate shipping. However you also want to ensure that we automatically pick carriers that meet the expected delivery time for your customers. You have additional settings like max transit times.

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Common Questions

Best rate shipping is an important part of daily operation so we have tried to make it as easy as possible in our warehouse management system (WMS). Here are some common questions that our users have had when getting started.

How do I get the best shipping rate?

Shipping rates vary by carrier, service level, discounts based on volume, dimensions, shipping zone (distance), weight, and much more.

Using a multicarrier strategy in a fulfillment software system that has rate shopping is a good way to ensure you get the best rates on individual shipments of orders.

How do you make sure you have the best shipping rate?

Best ship rate shopping software like Shipedge, communicates with shipping carriers in real-time to pull rates that include feeds and surcharges.

We then compare those rates in real-time and use shipping parameters like max transit time restrictions to determine whats the best shipping label to generate. We do all this in the span of milliseconds to make sure your fulfillment process is scalable.

Where can I get discounted shipping rates?

While software companies like Shipedge, don’t act as a shipping broker (where you can get discounted rates).

We have sourced some special agreements over the years with some of the bigger carriers. We leverage our platform shipping traffic to get you out-of-the-box rates with several major carriers.

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