Serial Number Tracking

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Simplify warehousing operations with our serial number tracking features.

Serial number tracking at the product level builds out a full history of a specific products chain of custody. This tracks item receipt, outbound movement, and re-receipt.

Our warehouse management system streamlines the process of product based serial number tracking.

Serial Number Tracking Inventory Management

Serial Number Tracking

Main Feature Benefits

Traceability – Serial number tracking history is built out automatically as you work with products. This ensures that each product has a compliant record of refurbishment, returns, and movement inbound or outbound.

Loss Prevention – Serials are verified on returns to make sure you are receiving the correct product in a return event.

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Product Rental

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History & Compliance

A history of the serialized product is built automatically as users are prompted to record serial numbers during the receiving, picking, and returns process. This means you have a full data history for use later on. An easy example is product activations or compliance reporting to internal or external teams.

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Protect Your Profits

Serial number tracking products that leave your warehouse makes returns easier to manage as item serials are checked on return. This also protects you from common return scams where someone may buy a product then try to return a different product, robbing you of inventory value.

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Warranty & Refurbishment

Products that come with warranty or refurbishment options for customers introduces workflow complexity. Shipedge helps you manage this increased complexity by utilizing statuses, outbound dates, metadata, and notes during a warranty or refurbishment event.

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Common Questions

Serial number tracking is an important part of daily operation so we have tried to make it as easy as possible in our warehouse management system (WMS). Here are some common questions that our users have had when getting started.

What is serial number tracking?

Serial number tracking is the process of tracking the historical movement of a product that has some type of serial number associated with it at the item level.

Serial numbers can differ and have different formats across types of products. For example, serial numbers commonly used in the cell phone industry are called IMEI numbers.

Robust commerce platforms like Shipedge are able to automatically build history as you work inside the software or pull data from 3rd party sources.

How does serial number tracking work?

Serial number tracking works off a history that is built out through the supply chain and fulfillment lifecycle of a specific item or product.

Advanced commerce systems like Shipedge are able to effectively build out serial number tracking history to empower customer service, logistics branches, and prevent financial loss.

Why do I need to track serial numbers?

Serial number tracking is an important compliance function that is used across industries, and creates important data around the chain of custody of an object.

Serial number tracking also prevents common commerce, warranty, refurbishment scams by validating the chain of custody of a specific item. As an example when a laptop gets returned to a manufacturer for refurbishment they may validate if the product is the correct item and if it is still under warranty.

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