Shipedge Version 11: Warehouse Operations Enhanced

Shipedge Version 11
Shipedge Version 11 will be released on a rolling basis featuring improvements, new features, and bug fixes.
Written by Amanda
September 29, 2023
3 min read


Shipedge Version 11 will be released on a rolling basis featuring improvements, new features, and bug fixes.
Written by Amanda
September 29, 2023
3 min read


The latest release of Shipedge, Version 11, marks a significant advancement in warehouse management and fulfillment. Focused on enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, increasing speed, and improving quality of life for users, this update introduces new features and improvements that are game-changers in the industry. Let’s dive into the key enhancements that you’ll find in this release to help your business improve warehouse operations.

New Features and Improvements

Version 11 of Shipedge will be released on a rolling basis. Some of the most notable features and improvements have been outlined below:

1. Automation Rules (Module)

In Version 11, Shipedge introduces automation rules, a module in the Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Order Management System (OMS) that enables users to craft personalized rules that precisely match their warehouse needs. The rules engine allows warehouses to automate processes that are currently done manually, such as:

  • OMS – Cancellation of exception-type orders
  • OMS – Sending webhooks based on filtered orders
  • OMS – Changing ship methods after the order has been received
  • OMS – Performing the function, “Send What’s Available” for backorders
  • WMS – Order batching based on Advanced Filters
  • WMS – Autoprocessing of orders (move from pending to processing)

Shipedge Horizontal Logo
Shipedge Version 11: Advanced Filters

Users are able to create advanced filters based on warehouse operational flows, single picks, multi-picks, and more, creating these batches on a user-specified schedule. With this update, picking becomes more automated, efficient, and easier for the user to organize.

The framework of this module was built with scalability in mind, and will continuously add value to warehouse operations.

2. Flow Bins: Now Priority-Based Inventory Rotation

Formerly known as flow bins, we have improved priority-based inventory rotations. This enhancement takes inventory management to the next level, providing greater control and efficiency.

Priority-Based Inventory Rotation empowers you to optimize your warehouse space and inventory handling. Here’s a breakdown of how it functions:

  • Bin Selection: The system intelligently selects bins based on inventory rotation settings. You have the flexibility to configure these settings either at the SKU level through your OMS or via WMS operations.
  • Priority Activation: When the priority setting is activated, the system searches for bins within the highest priority level. This ensures that items with the closest expiration dates or specific priorities (such as FIFO) are picked earliest.
  • Priority Deactivation: In cases where the priority setting is deactivated, the system will focus on finding the best available bin without considering priority levels. This can be handy for optimizing space when strict rotations are not necessary.
  • Expiration Date Prioritization: SKUs that belong to the same category of bin are now further prioritized based on their expiration dates.

Inventory will be prioritized in this order:

  1. 1. Flow: Bins configured for high-rotation items, ensuring that products move swiftly through the warehouse
  2. 2. Picking: Ideal for items frequently picked, making order fulfillment more efficient
  3. 3. Standard: For regular inventory items with average turnover rates
  4. 4. Repository: Reserved for items with lower turnover or long-term storage needs

3. Grid Picking

A game-changer in batch picking, grid picking brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to batch picking. Here’s how it works:

  • Grid Layout: Orders are presented in a clear grid format, making it effortless for pickers to identify items needed for each order. This organized approach ensures a seamless and efficient picking process.
  • UPC Scanning: Pickers are guided through the process with UPC (Universal Product Code) scanning, ensuring that the right items are selected for each box, significantly reducing errors and boosting order accuracy.
  • Label Printing and Packing Slips: Post-picking tasks are streamlined with the ability to print labels and packing slips directly from the Grid-Picking view. This feature saves valuable time and minimizes manual effort.
  • Order Completion: Once picking and packing have been completed, marking the order as complete is easy to update in the system, moving orders seamlessly through the fulfillment process.

With the introduction of grid picking in Shipedge Version 11, your warehouse personnel is empowered to pick orders with precision, speed, and ease. It’s a game-changing feature designed to enhance your batch picking experience and elevate your operational efficiency.

4. SKU Substitutions and SKU Edit View

Order Management System (OMS) accounts have a new view called, “SKU Substitutions” where an overview of SynSets, Aliases, and Translators are available with search and download capabilities.

Shipedge Horizontal Logo
Shipedge Version 11: SKU Substitutions

Furthermore, Version 11 of Shipedge offers a user-friendly interface that includes options to create and manage SKUs, SynSets, Aliases, and Distribution Center (DC) translators within a single view. This allows managers to streamline their workflows and save time in daily warehouse operations.

5. Additional Features and Improvements

At Shipedge, we’re dedicated to continually improving our software and creating additional value for our clients. The improvements and features above are not exhaustive of what’s to come in Shipedge Version 11, and our team is already working on even more improvements for our next release.

Discover how our WMS can improve your business

Bug Fixes

To help keep our clients’ warehouse operations moving smoothly, we addressed a few bugs that were impacting quality of life. For more details, visit our changelog.

Conclusion: Shipedge Version 11 for WMS and OMS

Version 11 of Shipedge brings a wealth of improvements that revolutionize warehouse operations. From the enhancement of filter management to the introduction of groundbreaking features like Grid Picking and Automation Rules, this update ensures streamlined processes, greater accuracy, and reduced errors. By focusing on functionality that improves everyday tasks, Shipedge continues to position itself at the forefront of warehouse management systems. Whether you are looking to optimize inventory replenishment, handle batch orders more efficiently, or simply save time in daily operations, Shipedge Version 11 provides the tools you need to succeed.

Discover the new era of warehouse operations with Shipedge Version 11. Upgrade today and take your fulfillment to the next level. Click here for more information on the full feature list and how to get started.

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