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Onfleet Shipping Carrier Integration.
Carrier Integrations

Plug and Play integration to make shipping with Onfleet easier

Shipedge integrates with your preferred carriers to funnel rates, labels, and status updates directly into your Warehouse Management System. Manage your shipments through Shipedge with confidence and ease.


Ship Rate Shop

Shipedge features convenient built-in rate shopping that allows you to find the ideal rate and shipping method from Onfleet, directly from your Warehouse Management System.

Shipping Labels

By integrating Onfleet with Shipedge, you’ll be able to generate and print Onfleet specific labels directly from the platform, simply and seamlessly. 

Tracking Update

Stay on top of order statuses at all times. When you integrate Onfleet with Shipedge, carrier updates carry over directly to your Warehouse Management System. No more juggling websites or platforms.



Take Advantage of All Our Integrations

Shipedge connects with more than 100 integrations, we create solutions for everyone in fulfillment. Whether you are a seller or fulfillment provider, we make integrations easy. If you don’t see the one you want, just let us know. We can integrate with any software using API, EDI, and anything else you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start generating labels with Shipedge?

Once you've created your Onfleet account (or if you already have one), contact your Shipedge manager to get it configured to your account.

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