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Full lifecycle Presta Shop order management.

Plug and Play integration to make Presta Shop order management simple and scalable.

Powerful features empower you to lift & shift your eCommerce operations onto our easy-to-use platform to improve processes and reduce costs related to order management, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, inventory control, and much more.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Presta Shop orders can be fulfilled either using our warehouse management system, a third party logistics warehouse, or by a professional fulfillment network.

Updates are sent back to the cart to facilitate a smoother customer experience, and empower customer service.

Automated Order Management

Orders synced from Presta Shop can easily be *routed, modified, translated, and sent to the correct place for fulfillment.

We can also help to tackle data integration, marketing, and customer service considerations using our *advanced rules engine.

Inventory Sync

Send stock updates back to Presta Shop to prevent backorders and improve your customer’s experience with your brand.

Stock updates can come from our warehouse management system, yours, or a combination of the total stock availability of many inventory sources where you store products.



Advanced Order Management Capabilities on a Central Platform.

Our *centralized order management solution can help automate the Presta Shop order management process with a set and forget methodology built for brands who want to scale eCommerce revenue without constantly increasing overhead that cuts into profit margins.

Add *SKU translation, ship method mapping, detailed channel settings, 3rd party selling tool integration, and a robust business rules engine to your toolbox to reduce repetitive workloads for your teams.

A configurable process also empowers your team to improve customer experience and tackle the long tail of eCommerce order management. Example - adding a free product for Presta Shop customers that order more than X dollars during a holiday.


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Central, Distributed, or Full Fulfillment Network Management.

Centralized order fulfillment - Presta Shop orders flow into your order management system and are then sent to your fulfillment center using our warehouse management system where they are picked, packed, and shipped.

Distributed order fulfillment - Presta Shop orders flow into your order management system and then are routed to one of many fulfillment centers in multiple locations which are running our warehouse management system.

Fulfillment Network - Presta Shop orders flow into your order management system and then are routed to a combination of warehouses running our warehouse management system, integrated 3PL fulfillment centers, or out-of-the-box fulfillment networks like *Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

Purchasing Operations, Forecasting, and High Stock Availability.

Our Presta Shop integration enables you to sync stock availability from one or many inventory locations back to Presta Shop to prevent overselling and provide accurate stock availability to your shoppers.

As a multi-channel order management system, we are also able to provide valuable insights through our forecasting tools to aid in the purchasing process so you don't purchase too much or too little inventory based on product sell-through rates.

Purchase orders for products with low stock can be created so the summary can be emailed to your suppliers directly to maintain high stock availability online.

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Presta Shop Order Management doesn't have to be hard.

Shipedge's Order Management System (OMS) has tons of integrations to centralize your ecommerce, retail, and storefront operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I automate an order management system?

You can use a combination of intuitive settings in the Shipedge OMS to manage SKU translation, kit management, shipping method mapping, and custom business rules.

When does the Integration order get mark as fulfilled?

Presta Shop orders are fulfilled and shipped by your integrated fulfillment center and are marked as shipped from Shipedge OMS soon after order items are picked, packed, and a shipping label has been generated.

Can I just manage my inventory on Integrations?

Sure, but the benefit of using Shipedge's OMS to manage your inventory is that we can help automate the process and pull from many inventory sources through integrations. We can even include Amazon FBA stock as available inventory in your store.

How do I get cheap shipping labels for orders?

After orders are routed in Shipedge from your OMS to your WMS we can help get discounted shipping labels from major carriers or even rate shop across carriers to make sure you get the cheapest label every time.

Is this integration an order management system?

While Presta Shop does have some capabilities that you would see in populate order management systems. The benefits of having a dedicated multi-channel order management system like Shipedge OMS means that you'll be able to further customize, automate, and standardize your order management process across channels.

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