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Fulfill orders from 75+ channels using Amazon’s logistics network.

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Plug and Play integration to fulfill your non-Amazon orders using Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment program.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment is a program that lets you leverage Amazon’s vast Fulfillment Network to reduce your inventory storage, pick & pack, and shipping costs.

White Label Fulfillment

You have the ability to set up unbranded fulfillment for specific channels so that orders being fulfilled by Amazon don’t use Amazon packaging or tracking numbers.

Fulfill Orders from 75+ Channels

Our order management system (OMS) has prebuilt integrations with tons of shopping carts, marketplaces, 3rd party systems, and retail EDI.

FBA Stock Management

Utilize our WMS to create inbound shipment plans to keep your FBA stock levels available so Amazon can keep shipping your orders. We make inbound easy.

Use Case: Plug and Play Fulfillment Network

Imagine being able to launch or grow your business, with peace of mind, knowing that your order fulfillment is taken care of by the Amazon (who ships 1.6 million packages a day).

Whether you sell on Amazon already or not, it is easy to get started with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. All you need is a seller central account and to send or keep stock in the FBA warehouse network.

We’ve done everything else by creating a seamless integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.


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Use Case: Supplemental Fulfillment Network

Even if you have one or more warehouse where you fulfill your own orders, you can easily utilize Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment to reduce shipping spend.

Amazon has a flat rate shipping structure regardless of zone and it’s probably common knowledge that Amazon is able to leverage their volume to get some of the cheapest shipping rates in the industry.

Our order management system (OMS) can automatically route orders by business rules, like zip code, zone, channel, etc..


Use Case: Unbranded Retail Fulfillment

Utilizing our ability to connect with other online marketplaces and retail EDI dropshipping channels, Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment is able to reduce your fulfillment costs for orders placed on retail sites and other marketplaces.

Our integration also helps you stay compliant with retailers and marketplaces by leveraging unbranded packaging as well as opting out of Amazon’s Logistics assets and using common carriers to keep you compliant.

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Order Fulfillment Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Shipedge Order Management System (OMS) has tons of integrations to centralize your ecommerce, retail, and storefront operations.

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