The First Integrated OmniChannel OMS & WMS Solution

the first integrated omnichannel oms & wms solution
Shipedge is the first… Seamlessly integrated Omnichannel Order Management and Warehouse Inventory Management Solution on the market. OmniChannel: A word…
Written by Vinny Gersen
June 25, 2015
3 min read


Shipedge is the first… Seamlessly integrated Omnichannel Order Management and Warehouse Inventory Management Solution on the market. OmniChannel: A word…
Written by Vinny Gersen
June 25, 2015
3 min read

Shipedge is the first…

Seamlessly integrated Omnichannel Order Management and Warehouse Inventory Management Solution on the market.

OmniChannel: A word that just a decade or so ago was probably non-existent in the vocabulary of most people around the world. Recently the term has exploded to new popularity and for good reason.

Omni is a Latin prefix that means “including all” and channels refers to the method in which consumers interact with the company. Omnichannel order fulfillment has been the answer to many problems arising from the modernization of the warehousing and logistics industries.

For many years the software landscape for fulfillment companies and warehousing has remained stagnant in terms of meaningful advancement and true innovation.

However, during the last decade or so, there as been an important paradigm shift in the way warehouses operate. Traditional order fulfillment meant sending pallets to distribution centers. Direct catalog orders for consumers had the luxury of preparing packages for days or weeks before having to get sent out of the dock (warehouse door). Sending cases of products to be opened at brick and mortar stores required routing guides for cases to trickle down the retailer’s logistics network. The exchange of information was done through costly EDI document exchanges.

Today however, warehouses have a few hours to fill thousands of orders of the dock. Warehouses have become large spaces with thousands of products were pickers must fill boxes with detailed consumer shopping lists. Like most people do going through their grocery store lists at the store a picker might walk through multiple isles across thousands of square feet of shelves for a hand full of customers. Mistakes are not allowed and time is of the essence since each package is a story and the queue is constantly changing following customers’ shipping method needs and people changing their minds within minutes of paying for their orders. A warehouse must be prepared to fill orders from multiple shopping-carts, marketplaces, point of sales, traditional retailers EDI and the new wave of drop shipping sites (some managed by the biggest retailers in the nation).

The Paradigm Shift

omnichannel oms wms warehouse manangement order management shipedge system solution
The First Integrated OmniChannel OMS & WMS Solution 2

Traditional B2B warehouse -vs- eCommerce B2C warehouse

A traditional Warehouse Management System will only take care of inventory control, offer a few connection points to upload orders and push them to one or two carriers. A true OmniChannel fulfillment solution for the 21st century requires much more than that. Many warehouse try to fill in the gaps by integrating Order Management Systems, which are typically single tenant. On the other end, warehouses rely on biased solutions provided by the carriers. For example UPS Worldship offers Priority Overnight as the default shipping method option. The warehousing business is a very risky business under these conditions.

The one thing that continued to be absent from many solutions is a native OmniChannel Order/Management System (OmniChannel OMS). The word native is used to distinguish from the typical integrated solution. OmniChannel requires multiple communication points across multiple levels. OmniChannel retailing is the use of all physical channels (offline) and digital channels (online), which offers a seamless, innovative and unified customer experience.

Across the field there have been numerous companies popup and attempt to make headway into the market but time and time again they’ve come up short and remained indistinguishable from their competitors. The current problem is that you either have software that is great at providing order management or you have the opposite with a company that offers great warehouse management but never have you had a system that provides both, at least in a meaningful integrated way. That is where Shipedge, the solution to the problem, comes into play. Shipedge is the first truly all-in-one integrated OmniChannel order management system (OmniChannel OMS) and OmniChannel warehouse management system (OmniChannel WMS), also known as inventory management system or inventory control system, that unites the two sides into one cloud-based solution capable of changing the way fulfillment companies operate while simplifying the entire process. Shipedge is an all-in-one WMS and OMS with a native shipping station solution.

Time and time again the reviews from customers looking for competent warehouse management systems and inventory control software show that the current options available on the market aren’t robust enough to fulfill the needs demanded by the OmniChannel retail landscape.

There have been great order management systems created for eCommerce and multi-channel retailers. However, most of those solutions were created in small databases with an eBay power seller in mind. As e-tailers grow, the retail landscape gets more complex and the consumers expectations demand fast and accurate logistics solutions. An example of excellent software for their time would be Stone Edge or Fishbowl, which were initially built on Access and then monetized by forcing upgrades that imploded on big organizations forcing them to pay exorbitant amounts for indispensible support. Most solutions out there will start exceeding their limits and become sluggish and unresponsive with only a few hundreds of orders per day.

Other solutions were created for uploading orders manually, or by updating inventory through CSV files created in Excel. They expect everything to be just a matter of uploading and downloading files a few hundred times. A good solution requires flow, smooth and painless integrations at all levels with all the technological components involved in each transaction. On the other hand the user at the warehouse must experience a single stream of orders organized in a way that will make their jobs easy to handle. Improving speed and accuracy from A to Z in order to save time and headaches to the operator.

By seamlessly integrating order management and warehouse/inventory management into one accessible solution Shipedge cuts out unnecessary steps that other software solutions have in place and creates efficiency in operations and streamlines the fulfillment lifespan of a package. For ecommerce providers and online retailers this means that they can funnel all their different sales channels into one software program, an OmniChannel OMS (OmniChannel order management system), and have that same program transmit all those orders automatically to their fulfillment provider which will then complete the fulfillment process, ship the product and return shipment confirmation to them and their customer without having to even be at the office. That is what a real OmniChannel order management system should look like, and that is exactly what Shipedge brings to the table.

Do you have some products selling on Amazon but also provide merchandise through your own website using Shopify and maybe even a partner who provides their own products through a WooCommerce shopping cart all under one company? No problem, Shipedge will allow you to combine all three selling channels into one account, funnel all their orders, billing information, and shipment information into our database automatically for you and then submit that information over to the fulfillment company so that they can find your products, package the shipment and ship out the package and even send back your shipping confirmation to both the owner and the customer so that they can track their shipment using the tracking numbers provided by the shipping carrier. This type of automation allows business owners to focus on the fun stuff of running a business, growing and marketing the business. Let Shipedge do the heavy lifting for you and be your OmniChannel order management system (OmniChannel OMS).

Another example of what Shipedge can provide for retailers is being able to take in orders from a POS (Point of Sales) channel such as Revel Systems or VEND POS and transfer the orders into Shipedge as well as any other channel you may have online. Shipedge has multiple selling channels already integrated into Shipedge such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Sears, Amazon, eBay, Amazon, and many, many more. We also have our very own API to upload orders into Shipedge incase you have your own custom way of taking orders on your website. You also have the option to upload orders manually one by one if you wish or to upload multiple orders at once you may also do it using a cell spreadsheet in CSV format. Shipedge takes orders in any way you wish which is what makes Shipedge the best OmniChannel order processing solution/software available for inventory and order management online (OMS + WMS = SHIPEDGE). By being cloud-based Shipedge also allows you to access and view the system from any location as you wish, allowing you to work from home even, which improves productivity.  This is great news for a Third Party Logistics company that is in need of a true OmniChannel 3PL software system and Shipedge offers that to them.

By being the first truly operational and integrated OmniChannel order management system and inventory control system, Shipedge, has changed the fulfillment software landscape and raised the bar of what is expected of technology partners in the fulfillment industry. This benefits all fulfillment companies and online vendors alike since their work gets cut down immensely and they can focus on growing their companies, which benefits everyone. Let Shipedge clear the way of any obstacles that may appear in your road to success and growth. Let Shipedge by your OmniChannel order processing software solution and inventory management software.

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Omnichannel Platform Designed to Automate and Simplify

Inventory, Order Management, Purchasing, Fulfillment, Shipping, and more…

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