Mastering Lot Control and Lot Numbers in Warehouse Management

how to use lot numbers for batches
Keeping track of lot numbers via lot control is an essential requirement for some businesses.
Written by Amanda
June 22, 2023
4 min read


Keeping track of lot numbers via lot control is an essential requirement for some businesses.
Written by Amanda
June 22, 2023
4 min read

Lot control is an essential element of warehouse management, particularly for industries where tracking product batches is critical. From the food and beverage industry to pharmaceuticals, the ability to track inventory by lot numbers can make a significant difference in efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Understanding Lot Control and Its Importance

Lot control refers to the process of tracking products in a warehouse by batch or lot numbers. This system provides a way to know exactly when and where a specific batch of a product was produced and where it’s located in the warehouse, facilitating a high level of traceability. In industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and others, lot control is not just a useful feature – it’s a regulatory requirement. Governing bodies, such as the FDA, require companies selling perishable goods to keep up with their batches and lot numbers.

Lot control becomes even more critical when a product recall occurs. With a robust lot control system, you can quickly identify and isolate the affected products, minimizing damage and cost.

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The Role of Lot Control Software

In the digital age, manual lot tracking methods are no longer efficient or reliable. This is where lot control software comes into play. It offers a comprehensive solution to track and manage lot numbers on products, making it a critical tool for modern warehouse management.

The software automates the process of assigning and tracking lot numbers, drastically reducing the chances of human error. It also provides real-time visibility into your inventory, allowing you to know where a particular product lot is stored, its status, and its history.

Moreover, as a part of a warehouse management system (WMS) lot control software can integrate with other systems like your ERP, providing a seamless flow of data and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Key Features of Effective Lot Control Software

An effective lot control system should be able to handle the complex needs of inventory lot management while being intuitive and easy to use. Here are some key features to look for:

  1. Lot Number Assignment: The software should be able to automatically generate unique lot numbers for each product or batch.
  2. Real-time Tracking: The ability to track the movement of product lots in real-time is crucial for maintaining accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Inventory Visibility: The software should provide a clear view of your inventory, including the quantity and location of each product lot.
  4. Integration Capabilities: The lot control software should seamlessly integrate with your other business systems for smooth data flow.
  5. Recall Management: In case of a recall, the software should be able to quickly identify the affected lots, helping you take immediate action.

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Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with Lot Control

Implementing a robust lot control system can significantly enhance your warehouse efficiency. By having accurate, real-time information about your product lots, you can improve inventory management, reduce wastage, and streamline your warehouse operations.

For instance, when receiving new stock, you can quickly assign lot numbers and store the products in the appropriate location in the warehouse. When fulfilling orders, you can easily identify the correct lots to pick, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction.

Moreover, by knowing exactly where each product lot is located, you can optimize your warehouse layout for maximum efficiency. This, in turn, can lead to quicker order fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction.

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Automating Lot Control with Shipedge

As a leading provider of warehouse management solutions, Shipedge offers a powerful lot control software, as a feature of our Warehouse Management System, designed to meet the needs of modern 3PLs and eCommerce businesses managing lot numbers.

Shipedge’s lot control system automates the process of assigning and tracking lot numbers, freeing up your team from manual tasks and reducing errors. Moreover, it provides real-time visibility into your inventory lot, helping you make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes.

To learn more about how Shipedge can help your business manage its inventory lot control, lot numbers, and batches, sign up for a call with one of our solutions engineers below!

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