Introducing Shipedge Torch

introducing shipedge torch
Introducing Shipedge Torch We’ve been very excited but also very hush here at Shipedge about our latest development project, but…
Written by Vinny Gersen
February 11, 2016
2 min read


Introducing Shipedge Torch We’ve been very excited but also very hush here at Shipedge about our latest development project, but…
Written by Vinny Gersen
February 11, 2016
2 min read

Introducing Shipedge Torch

We’ve been very excited but also very hush here at Shipedge about our latest development project, but we finally get to share our excitement with you! Over the last few months Shipedge’s development team has been hard at work on a project that’s designed to change and improve the warehouse management landscape as a whole. It’s our pleasure to introduce to you, our revolutionary app, Shipedge Torch!

Shipedge Torch is an Android-native application that brings many of the core functionalities and features of the Shipedge warehouse management system into a mobile device. In doing this, we’re bringing warehouse management to the 21st century by moving away from the bulky and extremely pricy barcode scanners of the past. The issues with the now antiquated scanners are many, and we’ve resolved them all. To name just a few issues with the old devices: they’re heavy, offer limited functionality, and are very expensive. If you’ve ever dropped one and had to replace it, you know what we mean. By moving barcode scanning functionality into an Android-powered mobile device, the entire process becomes more affordable, far more robust, yet extremely simple.

Shipedge Torch Features

Probably the most anticipated feature is Shipedge Torch’s ability to turn the Android device’s camera into a barcode scanner capable of scanning by just hovering over the barcodes with the camera. This allows the device to scan a large amount of barcodes by quickly scanning over them without having to worry about centering the camera as you would with normal barcode scanning applications or having to take a photo of the barcode, which increases the amount of time wasted in between scans. This feature allows the warehouse to perform pick-and-pack services for their customers at record speeds. Shipedge Torch allows the user to perform complex inventory control procedures such as moving SKUs around and performing re-counts of certain bins. Warehouse workers can process replenishments, also known as incoming inventory, and store products using only the Shipedge Torch application.

Shipedge Torch also allows users to cross-dock without the need of a desktop or laptop! In other words, the warehouse team can take incoming products, scan them into the system, and then package those same products into outgoing orders, all without having to store the inventory. This alone will save the warehouse tons of time and greatly increase efficiency of the entire process. Shipedge handles the process of assigning the inventory into specific orders to assure that orders are efficiently processed and sorted out based on availability of incoming inventory.

Shipedge Torch uses advanced algorithms and functions to make sure that all the moves and actions it makes are stored directly into the system without error. It reassures that any requested inventory or transfers are permissible based on available quantities, thereby preventing errors altogether. Shipedge Torch has additional built-in quality control capabilities, allowing the warehouse team to verify shipped orders and perform quality control on the outgoing process for inventory.

The warehouse can also perform cycle counts, which help verify the inventory count in bin locations on a daily or weekly basis. This helps to avoid problems caused by manufacturers or the receiving department. Our solution helps filter low quantity bins by client/supplier and warehouse areas, plan a route, and provide a simple checklist. If previous errors are found, fix them within Shipedge or directly from Shipedge Torch!

Another great feature that comes with both the Shipedge applications is project time tracking. You can create projects and allow for full internal collaboration with each user tracking their time from anywhere on one or multiple projects at a time. You can get a report at the end of the project(s) which can be used to invoice your clients. This helps keep an eye on your man-hour budget and allows you to charge your customers more accurately.

Both Shipedge applications provide great support and communication between the warehouse and the clients of the warehouse through the Shipedge wall, even allowing you to take pictures and post to the wall making communication between the two so easy and quick that issues and disputes can be resolved in minutes rather than days. Want to blow away your customers with your impeccable customer service? This is how!

Lastly, Shipedge Torch is built with the user experience in mind from the ground up. All common functions are displayed as large buttons on the main menu with sleek, modern graphics. But we didn’t sacrifice function for form, Shipedge Torch has the same incredible speeds for which Shipedge is known. The entire graphic interface was designed after extensive customer input and suggestions which were reported from the original Shipedge application. We took these initial suggestions and ran them through rigid testing procedures until we came out with the final product.


Both Shipedge applications require an initial price to purchase while Shipedge Torch requires a monthly subscription cost in order to continue using due to the extra features and functionalities that it offers. *Do not trust any other source that is offering to sell you any Shipedge application as Google Play is the ONLY source we trust and back to distribute our software at this time.

To purchase Shipedge Torch head on over to Google Play and purchase the application to experience its efficiencies for yourself! We hope it’s as welcome an addition to your team as it is to ours.

Find out more about our Shipedge Standard Application for Android Native devices as well by going to Warehouse Mobile Control.

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Omnichannel Platform Designed to Automate and Simplify

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